GHD Scarlet Deluxe Collection Set

Welcome to buy GHD Scarlet Deluxe Collection Set in our GHD Australia online store. Here you can find kinds of GHD IV Styler products. About GHD Scarlet Deluxe Collection Set straightener, we can give you 100% Quality Guarantee, Two years warranty and Free shipping , According to your country, we will provide the corresponding plug for you. Overview Scarlet Collection Deluxe Price includes: ghd Gold Classic styler with delicious red plates Red deco inspired vanity chest Luxury red satin heat resistant clutch Protective plate guard Travel hairdryer Two ghd sectioning clips Product features: Advanced ceramic heaters The ultimate heating technology for the ultimate shine and style creation.Auto sleep modeA built in safety feature that gives you peace of mind by turning off if the ghd styler is left unattended for 30 minutes.Universal voltageSo that you can use your styler in any country without an adaptor.Cooler, lighter bodyImproved outer body, cooler to touch and lighter to handle. ghd planchas tienda Buy with confidence Guarantee: 2-years Payments: Fully secure Authenticity: Guaranteed

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